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Mediation – A Process To Resolve Your Divorce Issues

Mediation is a cost-effective process that promotes settlement in a divorce. As an experienced mediator who is knowledgeable about family law and the court process, I work hard to promote solutions that meet the needs of the parties and their children. A negotiated settlement paves the way for better post-decree co-parenting relationships. A successful mediation puts you in control of the terms of your divorce settlement and eliminates the mounting costs and uncertainty of protracted litigation. Let me assist you and your counsel to find the win-win solution.

The Mediation Process

I am a certified mediator. I provide mediation services to parties represented by counsel, or to self-represented parties who are interested in mediating all aspects of their divorce case.

For parties who are represented by counsel, I am very attentive to the mediation materials that are provided to me. I offer virtual mediation services in which I move between breakout rooms. In addition to communicating offers between the parties, I assist counsel with the assessment of their case based upon my extensive family law litigation experience. I offer creative solutions to resolve impasses in order to pave the way to settlement.

For self-represented parties, I prepare the documents required to commence the divorce process and all of the necessary documents to bring it to conclusion. My mediation services involve a series of meetings in which issues are addressed in a methodical manner. I work hard to promote a process which enables the parties to remain amicable. Call me to see if my mediation services meet your case needs.

Schedule A Consultation For Mediation Services

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of mediation as an alternative to traditional litigation, call my Boulder office at 720-773-6668 or fill out my online contact form to set up a consultation.